Saturday, September 13, 2014

In Demand: Massive Quantities of Craft Beer

Craft brewers like Boston Beer (NYSE:SAM) and Sierra Nevada can't brew beer fast enough to meet the growing demand for better-quality, richer-content, higher-alcohol beer. This trend is picking up pace as the economy improves and more consumers feel they can afford to pay for better beer.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale quickly disappears off the shelf at my local retailer, Fleming Place Wine & Spirits, Topeka Kan. The 12-pack cans of Sierra Nevada Pale were sold out yesterday and won't be available for another two weeks, the seller says.
Another popular beer that gets sold out at this time of year is Boston Beer Octoberfest; every autumn customers look for this seasonal beer as temperatures cool and consumers want that extra spicy flavor that comes with this beer.
It's obvious. There is a craft brewing sensation developing across the country as you see local brewers taking market share from the beer giants.

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