Thursday, April 14, 2016

How I Lowered My Cable Bill 10%

When I saw my March bill from Cox Communications, I was shocked to see $163.53, an increase of 8.87% over my previous bills of $150.20 per month, for both TV and Internet services.

I decided to call Cox about the bill. Eventually I was transferred to a department in Texas. A woman named Bianca helped me.  I asked her why my Cox bill increased to $163.53 per month. She said my "discount" expired after a year. I told her we have to get the bill below $150, otherwise I will have to drop services or move to another carrier like AT&T. Without hesitation, she said she would lower my bill to $135.20 per month, which is a 10% cut from my previous bill of $150.20. She said this new rate will last one year. Then I will have to re-negotiate my bill.

I've been negotiating with Cox over my bills for years.

In the early 2000s, I paid $150 per month for TV, Phone and Internet, but that number ballooned to $185 per month by 2013. I tried to negotiate with Cox, but the company refused to lower my bill, so I dropped both phone and TV services. We added Netflix and tried Roku TV, but didn't like Roku. So I went down to the Cox office and a person there gave me TV and Internet for $111 per month. That number went up and up to $163 before I finally called again to complain.

If consumers don’t stand up for themselves, they may get run over.

Telephone companies, cable companies and utilities are constantly looking for ways to raise revenue. Cox Communications and AT&T are popular choices in our community. If we did not have competition, consumers really would get hurt.


If you are not happy with your cable bill, call and complain. See if you can negotiate a lower rate. I was successful, perhaps you can be successful too.

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