Sunday, January 22, 2017

Money Not Required For The Soul

"Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul." -- Henry David Thoreau

The soul is settled with peace and love but despairs in chaos and horror. The soul desires connection to God, the Universe, Nature, Music and Humanity. What is the cost to pay for these desires? We may stop doing what we are doing, wherever we are, and pray. Pray without ceasing, always be pleading for love and peace and hope, for the betterment of friend or foe, family or stranger. If we respect another person, we may learn from him or her. As Willie Nelson once said, "we are all the same, people are the same, they love music." Music feeds the soul, it is nourishment for life, says Dereck Higgins, Omaha musician. I sing in church, not because I have a good voice, no. I sing to connect to God, to know Him is to Love Him. And to know him is to love his people. I embrace his people, I sit with them, I pray with them, I display my sincere affection for them and we share our lives together. The loving embrace of humanity is priceless, the renewal of the spirit gives us hope. The song of the cardinal in my garden shows us nature's musical celebration. The songbird may lift our soul, yet sitting in nature is free. I remember once traveling with two dear friends, all three of us are creative talk-heads, so here we are traveling through town and talking nonstop all at the same time. All that talking and passion was a funny bit of chaos. We pulled into Gage Park and climbed up the hill where the train tunnel is located. We laid down on the ground on our backs while holding hands in a triangle. We looked up at the clouds and smiled. We had connected with the universe, the ground at a our backs, the sky above us. The soul is lifted in that moment, feeling a sense of transcendence, guiltless and free.

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